Monday, February 16, 2015

Color Bloom Sprays!

Hi All! 

Time for some COLOR BLOOM! Yes! I have really been enjoying this release of products from Prima, each color is just awesome. I think my fave with always be Glistening Waves, but they are all so pretty! With the newest release from Winter CHA, Prima came out with 7 new colors! I have missed some old and new on the Resist Canvas Album below with some oldie but goodies, AND one of the FRESH new colors- Plumeria! Love this color!

Not only is it so easy to get this album put together in a snap, I just adore the vibrant blue of the Plume Flower FRONT AND CENTER! Love that line!

563721 Resist Canvas Mixed Media Album 
564209 Trim
573164 SIIC
577681  Amethyst
575519 Blue
582616 Aquamarine
581978 Alda
573744 Iris
573928 Emerald
573898 Cobalt
580292 Plumeria

Until Next Time!

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