Monday, July 21, 2014

Live with Prima Instructor Announcement! and some NEW Prima Projects!

Okay, forgive me. Blog would be considered inactive. LOL! I have excuses I tell ya! What have I been up to?

1. The biggest one, is we moved. Enough said. It's a lot of work and I am glad that that's over! 

2. In the mean time, I have become a new member of the LIVE WITH PRIMA FAMILY! WOOHOO! 

I really love working with Prima and it this all encompassing love. I am thrilled to be asked to host a show each month and share with you some of my ideas! I am going LIVE this Thursday in fact, you can scroll to the end of this post of details. 

So, what else?
3. I also have been creating like a mad woman to get some time sensitive material to Prima Headquarters. I feel like a secret agent or something like that. Hehe! It's TOP SECRET info I tell ya. Or at least it was! Well the cat is out of the bag and I can share some of my DT creations with you today!


Prima's Flowers this release are just out of this world incredible. See for yourself.

Seriously, INCREDIBLE. The flowers need no introduction really. They speak for themselves. 

577490 Kangaroo
577629 Skyline
577681 Amethyst
578237 Pinot Grigio
578183 Chardonnay
578251 Bay
578404 Greenery
892180 Ceiling Light Bulbs
960322 Mini Flowers
960315 Flowers Medium
573850 Lime Wedge
573829 Worn Leather
573836 Tea Stain
572881 Pressed Petal
573843 Antique Gold

Next up, is one featuring some more beautiful flowers and a few of the Forever Green Collection Items. The Forever Green Collection is very botanical without being too frilly. I really love this one. Not my typical go-to items, but I really am drawn to the blacks and of course GREENS. 


Forever Green Layout with Adrienne Ford

Thursday, July 24th at 6:30pm PT/ 9:30pm ET

During Adrienne's upcoming class, she will be featuring the Forever Green Collection, showcasing the wide variety of color products available! She will then show you how you can create a mixed media layout using lots of art mediums, to grow your layout to make it look like it is straight out of the garden!

Prima Products:
846763 Watch Them Grow
576642 Wood Icons
576233 3D Stickers
578701 Succulent
578749 Sprout
578770 Vegetation
578299 Oregano
577711 Tourmaline
961329 Butterflies
961374 Heavy Gesso
572839 Metal Die-Cut
573782 Soft Teal
573904 Peony
891923 Chalk Edger Set

Hope to see you there and thanks for stopping in!

Until Next Time,


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  2. Oh, I love your stunning LO, Adrienne!!! I will surely be watching your video at some stage!!! Prima is really priviledged to have you in their team!!! Looking forward to your future work with them!!!

    Have a great day!!!