Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bloom Canvas

Hello! Adrienne here, to share with you a sweet, bright gift you can give someone this holiday season. Your own Mixed Media Canvas. I had created this Canvas for Handmade Holidays Blog Hop this past weekend on the Clearsnap Blog. but thought I might also share it here! 

  Pics 034 

 I have incorporated the amazing ICE Resin in the makings of this piece. The resin is seriously crazy amazing, and it opened my mind to so many future crafting opportunities with mixed media and paper.

  Pics 025 

 With the ICE Resin I was able to create petals for my flowers.  You can stop by the Clearsnap Blog to find out how I created these sweet things!

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Until Next Time!



  1. Seriously very ool. Love how this turned out. Hmmm... a future kit? :)

  2. love this Adrienne! You are so creative with inks, I am going to check out how you make it :)

  3. So very beautiful, Adrienne!! TFS.