Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Check out Prima's ArtZine!

Hey All! Crickets are chirping up in here huh? I had a lull in creating... I was catching up on some serious T.V time, finishing up series I had missed a year ago! Yikes. Anyways, now I can admit that I probably ate too much candy, and had way too many late nights! Anyways............

I wanted to stop in and share with you My Prima Place Magazine just came out recently. This magazine is really cool. For one, it is jam packed with inspiration from the best in the world. Its incredible, the things this group comes up with!

I wanted to quick share with you a project I did for the magazine. I created a vase. Oh yes, the vase. I am pretty obsessed with them right now. I can get them SO cheap and they are so fun to alter. Here is the one I created for Prima. 

Trying to branch out from my norm and work with other forms of creating, but layout are my baby. I have a hard time not gravitating to them. This was a nice step away from that. I really like the results and how festive it is for fall! 

You can read about how I created my Vase in the magazine HERE!

Check out all the beautiful inspiration!!!! There is much to be had! 

Be Back Later this week for rapid fire inspiration. Pretty much every or every other day! WOOHOO! 

Until Then,


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