Friday, September 13, 2013

A turning point and some questions for YOU!

HI All!
Happy Friday! I hope this blog finds you well. 

I have been very distant from my blog lately. For one thing, I have been very busy carting my kids here, there, and everywhere. I also have been creating like a mad woman, but most of all, I have also been doing some creative searching. 
I think about you dearest blog everyday, and well, I find myself empty with things to say. Not that there is nothing to share (I have LOTS of creations to share with you), but I just have nothing to say. I hope this will change. 

Here is why.

I have come to a creative crossroads. For about four months, It's been a creative frenzy (in a good way!), and have found myself asking myself- where is all this taking me? I spend some nights busily creating at my desk, thinking what are my long term goals in all this? I have MANY ideas, that have been keeping my awake many nights.

I have decided that one of my long term goals is that I would like to share what I have learned through countless hours of experimenting (and some failing) with you.  Part of what I do is for my readers (you) and my followers. I would like to know what you enjoy most when you come here and see my work? What would you like to see more of? 

I hope that in the coming months I can come here and not just share my creations, but to get YOUR creative juices moving in a more interactive way. To accomplish this, I will be using my blog as an information platform upon which you can come to find out what I have been up to and how you can take that information and create your own creations. 

I hope to move forward and (hopefully) up in two ways;

More Social Media; Facebook etc
You Tube

I have started a Facebook Fan Page of sorts as a way to keep a more open dialogue with you all. Please feel free to check it out here-Adrienne Ford: Coloring My World. I would like to use this page for information purposes. Sharing my work, giveaways, picture tutorials, answering questions, asking you questions. A page devoted to FUN and Crafting!

This is only one of the many ways I would like to be more involved with the people who have come to like my work the most. (I appreciate you all so much :)

My other way to get information to you is via My You Tube Channel. I also want to get into the habit (yes, I sort of have to force myself) to video tape my process for you. I get asked quite often if I would video tape myself more. I am warming up to the idea, but it is a process. I do it some, but want it to be WAY MORE than I have been. To accomplish this I would like to ask you for suggestions. If I was to video record myself- what topics would you like to watch? What things would you like to learn? What are your interests when searching You Tube for crafting videos? Please share with me :)

Please, if you can take a minute to share with me here or on my Facebook Page some of your thoughts, it would be most helpful and I would so appreciate any and all feedback.

I DO have many creations to share, so stay tuned in!




  1. I love everything you do, so I'm good with just gawking over your creations...but to give you some real feedback, I would like to see more process video's with the entire process including embellishing. Ooooorrrr....I think it would be interesting to know what inspires you to do certain pages, some of the things you come up with just blows me away...I'd love to know whats going on in your head during those times.'

    1. Thanks! Love you lady! I agree with you. I think it would be cool to share those weird off the walls thoughts that come even before the project even starts! Lol! I will keep that in mind!

  2. Dido to what Misty said.. LOVE everything that you create!! sorry I really don't have any feedback at this time... Just HAPPY to watch or hear of anything that your willing to share!!!

    1. Thanks Rachael! Just you coming here and sharing support is feedback enough :)

  3. Adrienne, for a person like me, living in a distant country with little access to the fantastic supplies in the USA, watching videos of the process and mainly learning about the products you use to achieve your results is extremely useful It helps me think of alternative ways of solving techniques with what is available locally. Then, what I can't replace I put on my wish list for when I am lucky enough to visit the USA!! Your mixed media techniques are awesome!Thanks for thinking of us all and sharing!

    1. Elaine! How are you lady!? So glad you popped in over here! Yes, I can def shares some of those things- I find that having to think outside of that box, makes projects even more one of a kind- I always loved what you do at CSI Case Files and how you make things work! Thank you so much for stopping in! :)

  4. What Misty said. I'd love to see you create IRL and learn how you achieve all those awesome backgrounds. AND I'd love to hear your process about your ideas for the concepts of your pages.

    Miss you, girl! Give me a ring next time you're visiting Maryland! (Or call me on Skype whenever you feel like chatting.)

    1. Oh Debbi Dear! I MISSSSSSS YOU! I stop in to CSI and I MISSSSS it! Sigh. Need more time in my life! Can we ask for 30 hr days?! LOL!

      We need an IN PERSON scrap fest. Seriously. Its been a long time coming! I will be on Skype tomorrow, HOPEFULLY I can get enough time where a child isn't screaming into the ear piece that I can ring you! LOL!

  5. I think you are one of the most amazingly talented scrappers I "know" and I just adore your work so anything you were to show me would get my creative juices flowing. I am a bit stuck with my mojo lately because I need to something new, something different to what I normally do as I am a bit "ho hum" with most of my work at the moment.
    It is always fun to watch somebody else's process as there is always something you didn't know or a different way of doing something you already do.....
    So after that ramble.....ANYTHING WILL BE BRILLIANT :)

  6. I'm one (of many) fan of you work, whatever you create, it's awesome!! I totally love your background work and would love to see more of that!
    I admire those who do videos, as I don't do it myself (don't have enough space and equipment as video etc and in fact, I think it would take so much time editing).
    But I love watching videos by others, so please let them come!

  7. I have loved your videos so far, I always enjoy when people talk through their process as you do!

  8. Hi Adrienne, the first thing I want to say is that I am so impressed about how much you are willing and wanting to share your knowledge and your passion! i know it has taken you hours of working, experimenting, to come up with all the wonderful ways you discover to play with colors and mediums and we are already so grateful to you for sharing with us! I think you are definitely the BEST scrapper out there, your creativity is truly amazing , always growing, and the way you work with inks is absolutely stunning! I think you will see that so many of your "fans" (me included!) would just love to know which products you love and most of all your techniques to create the effects that you do! I have bought your kits from Janene just to watch your videos, I think we would all LOVE to see more of those, they are GREAT!!....I would love to take a class with you in person, I think you would be really good at that! Hugs, Lisa

  9. You know you always blow my mind. I love watching your videos and are humbled that you create some exclusively for us. Watching and learning your techniques is invaluable. So thank you for all you do!

  10. Hi Adrienne. I've watched your video's and have really enjoyed watching you create your stunning LO's. I have 2 teenage sons and would love to see what could be done to make mixed media LO's with a real masculine feel and the minimum, or no flowers.
    Your work is truly amazing and I'm looking forward to more videos from you!!

  11. I tend to get bored with long videos. I would watch something short with a specific technique clearly explained in steps. I would love to see how you store your work, how you organize your space, how you pick items for your next project - I find I have a huge problem deciding what to use and would love to see how you solve that dilemma. I'd love to see what inspires you- photos- connections to other people's work and I would love to hear how you solve specific design problems you come across while working. I want to see your "fails" not just your perfect end pages.
    I particularly enjoy the technique and paint stunts you always seem to pull off in your pages- it's amazing how your mind works- that page for Scrap FX where you had the photo connecting to the Art Deco tree- my jaw hit the desk- it's very rare to find an artist/designer/scrapper so consistently seek (& find) new territory in their work. you do that so incredibly well.
    I wish I had more time for long videos but with all the things I need to get accomplished each day it's just impossible. I totally get what you mean about blogging- I'm tired of trying to find unique ways to share my thoughts on my blog- sometimes I just want to put up work and have it stand on it's own but you have an easy writing style that I think hits the right balance between private and public- I like the stories you tell- they ground the work you show.