Sunday, July 21, 2013

Prima Shares

Hi All! 

I wanted to pop in for some shares using some of Prima's Summer Release. 

I would like to share with you two peices today, they are very different as you will see. One is screaming color and splashing of paint, and the other is much more tailored and simple. 

My first one is for Prima's July PPP.......

Prima Products:

846637 Anna Marie Nightingale
563035 Tag Me Set
960902 Circles
961015 Vintage and Vanity
569303 Stars
570248 Gem Black
569488 White Crochet Doilies Square
571238 La Tiza
571818 Abbey
571115 La Tela
569532 Flair Buttons

I find myself creating very much how I feel that particular day. Sometimes, me and my days are a hot mess, and my work shows it! They are filled with lots of paint and are more colorful. :) These usually are some of my favorites creations as they are so carefree and just go with the flow attitude. 

Other times, I feel more subdued and relaxed. I create simply and its more controlled. I found another glass bottle at M's awhile back that I thought would be great to alter.  I wanted something simple to just jazz up the base of the bottle and then give the neck of the bottle a bit of character. I wanted some subtle drips with watercolor so I used a very light watered down pink which I like how it is SO soft against the white and once it ran down onto the brown it shows up more. I like how it just gives that bottom strip a bit more character and balances the bottle with all the pink at the top. My favorites are the sweet little resin feathers.

Prima Products:

571276 Nieve Flowers
571375 Serenity Flowers
569990 Feather Resins
570927 Delight Flowers
564209 Trim- Lyric
564162 Trim- LifeTime

I am just LOVING working with all the gorgeous new Prima Flowers. I cannot wait for you all to see them in person. They are beautiful! :)

Until next time,



  1. I love a hot mess any day of the week. :) It's Beautiful. I love the pop of colors.

  2. this is so awesome, love the colors

  3. WOW! loving the grungy beautiful layout and your vase is gorgeous!