Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Clearsnap Crackle Technique

Hi All!

So, pretty much I have never had much luck with Crackle Mediums. I have my theories ( I cannot be patient enough to watch paint air dry. YEP. I am impatient. It's bad.

So I was pretty excited to create something involving my gal-pal Super Heavy Gesso, Clearsnap Rollagraph, and Crackle Design Wheel. The results are seriously sooooo cool. I am not even kidding. You will be so happy if you try this, as the cracks are really deep and the misting that you do over it will be incredibly defined and brilliant! I can assure you you will think twice about using other crackle mediums ever again.

Here is what I created for this technique......

So on to how I did this..... I have created a video for you with step by step instructions on how to get this look as well as a detailed list of supplies you will need. So head over to the Clearsnap blog and you can get the whole amazing story. Prepare. To be amazed! :)

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  1. Gorgeous layout! I love your crackle technique

  2. this is so beautiful! amazing technique

  3. Stunning layout! I'm loving the textured background and the all the colors! :)

  4. Seriously? Insane.:) Love it!

  5. Love love the technique and how you pulled it off on this beautiful layout!

  6. I have to get that crackle roller! This is extremely gorgeous!!!

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