Thursday, May 9, 2013

Having fun with Scrap FX!!!!!!!!!

Hi All! It's my turn to share with you some beautiful products by the Scrap FX! Here we go, let's get right to it!

This month's chippie were beautifully done! I always find masculine/boyish scrapbook elements hard to come by at times, and this release fulfilled my every need :) 

I pulled this paper and thought it's dramatic pattern would play well with the chipboard pieces. I needed to make a BOLD statement and I found an equally dramatic photo to match my paper and chippy treatment. I took several of the releases and treated them with several different mediums, each building up to the next. I have used a Gesso primer, topped it off with a coat of chalk ink here and there, a coat of misting, and then finally one more layer of Mixed Media Inks. I finished them off with a quick swipe of some black Gesso. I got a really grungy look with the combination of colors- browns, patina, and yellow. Loving the results of the chippy treatment!

Also one of my favorites things to do with chippies are to adapt them to make them work for me. I have broken most of my chippies into pieces, and placed them in different spot on the composition  Don't be afraid to cut them into pieces, tear off an end, split it in half or in fourths.... the possibilities are truly endless. The more you think outside the box the more fun you can have with them!

For my next one, I wanted to have a bit of fun with this awesome butterfly! It is so fun, I decided to play with glitter on this treatment, It turned out quite girly, I had played around with it for a bit deciding what to do with it, until I came up with the idea of adding it to my daughters back, once her silhouette was cut out of a photo. I went from there creating a fun color palette for the background. A few splashes of some blue art medium and a spool of blue thread did the trick!
I did not want to go too overboard with my color splashes (learning when to say when ;)) so I simply inked my Wordlet with brown ink pad.

 Until Next Time :)



  1. I must visit more often! I just love your writing, love mom.!

  2. Spectacular Adrienne! That second page is a masterpiece!!

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  4. Adrienne these are such beautiful layouts. Is the top one a digi layout? It looks as though the paper is bubble wrap. So cool. Love the new chippies. I wish I could find them here.

  5. HI Val- Its not digi actually, the paper is by 7 Dots Studio, I think the Wonderland Collection :)

  6. fabulous fabulous fabulous! as always!!

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  8. Gorgeous pages Adrienne!
    Such fabulous chipboard treatments and backgrounds as usual xo