Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Prima On The Brain!

Hi All! Hopping back in here to for some shares! WEEE!

I have Prima on the Brain! Again....lol... I have been eyeing up these Prima Challenges for a couple of days waiting for the moment to pounce and get creating.

I have been very busy creating, both for commitments and just because. I have been so busy that I cannot seem to keep up with all the ideas that are coming to me. Do you ever write your ideas down? What do you put them in? I used to have a book- but I rarely used it anymore.....it was a bit outdated (my style has changed and the ideas don't really suit me now). So anyway, I need a journal to write these things down! LOL!

One of the things I have been doing this week is working on the Prima Build A Page and Product Picks. 

I especially love the Build A Page.... I toyed around with it rotated, but in the end I kept it the same. I am OBSESSED with drips lately, it is literally on all my pages I have on my wall now....HAHAH! 

See what I mean?

Prima's Life Time Paper is so fun isn't it? I like that there are these artsy swirls and paint splatters right on the paper all ready to go. I just play off of that. 

Do you ever do that? Let the paper speak to you? I love twisting and turning it to meet my needs, Sometimes things go upside down before they are to my liking. HA! Suits my personality at times :)

Like the mark in the lower left for example- which is a part of the patterned paper- I interpreted this as quite "messy"- that became brain child for this creation- a controlled mess! LOL!

What I love about this is the amazing texture I was able to achieve with my art mediums. They have slowly become my besties :) Through thick and thin, they are always with me. I don't know what it is :)

I have used a combination of Tattered Angels, Lindy's, Gelatos, Gesso, and water color to get the colors I wanted.

I have also incorporated some of my favorite Prima embellies. I have the dominoes..... FAVE for sure. I took some tags and cut them out of a sheet of Prima Life Time and strung all of it on a "line" or some black wire and dangled it down the page......I love how care free this turned out!

Then we have a more pretty pretty layout. Oh yes, my queen, my princess should have nothing less and these colors just screamed GIRL!

My little lady is obsessed with clothes, I never would have thought it would have started this early, but when we announce to her it is time to pick her clothes out for the day, she goes running and giggling to the dresser. HA! She LOVES those bolds and brights! That's my girl!

 I found this photo of my daughter and it was so cute, but some of her head was cut off......I had to plan my whole layout around this head issue :)* I would have kept it in 4 by 6 form (which would have solved the problem right then and there) but the background colors were clashing.....

I decided the only way to fix it was to slap that photo down against the corner of the paper and just create from there. I find it amazing, the way my process morphs sometimes so suit my needs. I have found you just have to keep an open mind while creating you know?

Anyways, I love how it looks like she is a part of this secret garden. I added wings on her back to add to the whimsical feel. 

Welp, that't it for me. At least for a couple of days. Hehe. It never ends does it? This creating thing just never stops. Sometimes I wish I would just take a week break and catch up on some t.v or read a book- but what's the fun in that?!

Until next time,



  1. Outstanding layouts, Adrienne, you creative girl!! I just love searching out all the detail in your pages, really amazing :)

  2. So so arty, creative, and downright playful...love these Adrienne :)

  3. So incredible gorgeous pages!!! The first one, an absolute favorite!!

  4. Just amazing!! Wow amazing!! That first page wow I'm speechless

  5. Adrienne, it's a total compliment to me for you to say you like my work because your work is INCREDIBLE!! I really love to see all your layers upon layers and just the straight up, outright mixed media-ness of your pages! Cheers, Miae

  6. Georgeous! Totallt love your backgrounds ande your beautiful embllishment!
    Have a wonderful day :o)

  7. WHOA!!!! That Prima page is STUNNING!!! I LOOOVE the paint textures- so many beautiful little mixes and nooks and crannies for your eye to play with on that page!! Really amazing Adrienne!

  8. Beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking, amazing...PERFECT!