Saturday, April 6, 2013

CSI# 66- My Baby Is 3!

Hi All!  Popping on quick to share with you this week's Case File at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration.

The colors this week screamed to be scrapped! My Son just turned 3 last month! I am still in shock that it has gone by so quickly. I am sad at this as I want him to stay my little boy forever. I envision the future of him not wanting to cuddle or even hug his Mom. I guess I will have to get my fill now, while he is still attached to my hip and insists on lots of cuddles. :)

I captured this photo at his birthday party, I love how his little face is aglow from the candle's light.

I really wanted to play off the colors and fun theme of the patterned paper so I have added an accent color- blue to this palette. To create this I did lots of stamping and masking with several different types of art mediums. When done I punched a hole, distressed my edges of that hole, and added my photo behind it.

 For my evidence I created Arrows with my stencil, and I also punched the large Hole in the paper. For my testimony I chose Anatomy of a 3 year old. 

My baby is 3. I can't even begin to process it. Its crazy! I have watched this little baby MORPH into a little guy. Your looks have changed DRASTICALLY in the last two months- you look older, taller, a bit more mature. You obviously still have those baby blues, but your hair is darker and straighter now than it was a year ago. 

As a 3 Year Old, you like to police your baby sister and yet taunt her just as much. :) You love adventure and anything involving danger really. You like to run and fly a kit, kick the ball and DANCE! Your face is just as beautiful as the first day I saw it, you lying in my arms, freshly born, but you have changed a bit. 

You  have giant arms, legs, hands, and feet, all to use to play and play well. Sometimes. Except when you trip over your own self. :) But you get up and act like nothing happened. 

You are incredibly resiliant. You get hurt and bounce back almost immediately as if to say,  "This boo boo is a HUGE inconvenience on my day." BUT, if your sister is involved in the hurting, the hurts and whining could go on and on. 

Sometimes, you make your Mama Crazy. Forget the serenity prayer, I need INTERVENTION! You my little friend are 3. You have your moments and I just have to remind myself that this is normal 3 year old behavior and it will pass. THIS TOO SHALL PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (I say as I scream in my head) (But not TOO quickly).

You are a funny guy, you love to laugh and be goofy- just like Mommy. You are really pushing boundaries, but HATE the consequences. You are a BOY. You are 3. I have to remind myself that sometimes. You are still a baby but are growing into this little person, who has a personality all your own. I love it and I love you. Happy Birthday to my little guy who is 3. 




  1. Oh my goodness, Adrienne, thank you so much for sharing your journalling, very touching. Some of your words could have come out of my own mouth..I am living with a nearly three year old as well (as you know) and share in the same joys/struggles every single day. It is crazy how emotions can go from one extreme to the next, on both the child and the parents ends, lol!
    You layout, now how cool is that? I just love these colors, different for you but just awesome!! I love that you punched out and placed the photo behind, looks awesome.

  2. Amazing amazing amazing. You are unreal. And yes, all of your journaling takes me back to boys at 3 :)

  3. Congratulation with your 3 year old son :o)
    Georgeous layout! Love the colors and your clusters - awesome use of stamps and masks, beautiful flowerdecoration!
    Have a wonderful sunday :o)