Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WCYDW- Tim Holtz Tissue Tape

Hi All! Adrienne here for another WCYDW over at the Flying Unicorn!! This week I would like to share with you some tips on how you can use that amazing Tim Holtz Tissue Tape that you have bought or want to buy, but are unsure of how to make it work for you...... Isn't that what it's all about- making your product work for you?!!!

So I have an amazing mix of Prima Engraver, Mists, and Manor House Creations Flowers paired with my Timmy Tape, to create something amazing!!!

(I apologize ahead of time for the lighting.... I had to work on this tute in low lighting at night ;))

First you will want to place down your tape in small strips down the page.... making it look haphazard and overlapping some here and there.

Once that is done you can begin to drip your mists and paints down. You will want to build with each now color having it look as if it is dripping down the page. These steps help the tape look as if it was a part of the patterned paper and was meant to be together the whole time!

Build on your next color. Overlapping is good- just be sure to dry between colors.....

Here is the final look after all your mists are placed.

Now, here is where it gets fun! You will want to add gesso in black and white, as this helps further blend the tape into the patterned paper background. It looks more subtle... I LOVE IT!

Then I went back over it with MORE misting. You know me- I can't have enough art mediums!!
Below is how it looks once my background treatment is complete. I also do some subtle stamping in the background here and there. I add my photo where I think I would like it to be.

I add some fun slashes with my mist and highlight them with a fine tip marker to really highlight them and make them POP! LOVE doodling! (All that doodling in my notebooks in high school sure paid off ;))....LOL....

Close ups of the final product 

Add some of your favorite embellishments and your are DONE!
What a fun look that Tim Holtz Tape gives! WOW!


I hope you will give your Tim Holtz Tissue Tape a try and come up with some fun and exciting new ways to blend and work with this awesome versatile product!




  1. Oh my goodness, this is so stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your step x step with us! I am so inspired right now! :)x

  2. Far out, can't believe how good this looks. Sheer genius!!

  3. Awww, THANK YOU ladies for all your kind words of encouragement! You are all AWESOME! Love you all!

  4. Gorgeous! Love this!
    Have a wonderful easter :o)

  5. This is out o this world amazing. I'm in awe!!

  6. Great tutorial! You've taken some of my favorite things and blended them so beautifully here!

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  9. Your LO is beautiful! And great tutorial. Thank you for sharing! :)

  10. I just adore your tutorials!! So fun to watch the Adrienne magic happen :) This page is so super stunning, the butterfly tape is so neat!!

  11. This is just such an amazing layout and I am so glad you shared this tut. I love this layout and I may have to copy it SOON :) thank you Adrienne...

  12. Oh my what an Amazing tutorial! And your layout is stunning. I have a few rolls of tim holtz tissue tape! I will certainly be trying out your technique with it! x