Saturday, March 16, 2013

Once Upon A Fairytale- Altered Glass Bottles

Hi All!

Its Week 3 of Once Upon a Fairytale at Flying Unicorn Forums. It my turn this week and I have chosen   Cinderella.....

Cinderella: Why, it's like a dream. A wonderful dream come true. 
Fairy Godmother: Yes, my child, but like all dreams, well, I'm afraid this can't last forever. You'll have only 'til midnight, and then... 
Cinderella: Midnight? Oh, thank you. 
Fairy Godmother: Oh, now, now, now, now, now, just a minute. You must understand, my dear: On the stroke of twelve, the spell will be broken, and everything will be as it was before. 
Cinderella: Oh, I understand, but... it's more than I ever hoped for.

When I think of Cinderella, I remember myself as a little girl entranced by the beautiful girl wearing that big ole dress- and her GLASS SLIPPERS...

So today to go along with the theme of Cinderella and her glass slippers, I have altered something glass- some old bottles. 

First, I primed these babies with Super Heavy Gesso and a sea sponge for texture. My fave part was when it came time to mist..... 

I am LOVING the look of the Lindy's Smokey Sapphire Moon Shadow Spray...its gives off this amazing bluish brown hue when the light hits it..... it is subtle, but just perfect really..... I love that mist so much, I painted on my vines with it too!

I also love the added texture the Stampendous Fran-tage Mica Fragments adds... the little gold flecks just add so much! 

I also took my crafting knife to the paint and chipped away here and there, to give it the aged look. And finally the embellishing was easy :)


My challenge for you is this- Alter a Glass item.....
Use your imagination! Shop thrift stores---my favorite! (and think of me! :)) 

Find something beautiful (or ugly) and add some beautiful elements to it. Alter it, stamp it, paint or mist it. The point is to have fun! What an amazing home decor item you could have to add to your home!

So what's up for grabs?
A 25$ Flying Unicorn Gift Certificate to the Flying Unicorn Store!

1. Must be new as of Sunday, March 17th and must be uploaded to forum by 8pm EST Saturday, March 23rd.
2. Up to 2 Entries per person.
3. Winner will be choosen using and must contact Alda within 7 days to claim prize!

Below is the direct link the Once Upon A Fairytale Thread

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  1. wow wee what an amazing altered art project love it :)

  2. this is crazy insane gorgeous girl

  3. WOW !! These are stunning. Such perfection in the way you covered them. A lot of detail without it being too much. GREAT work Adrienne!

  4. This is beautiful Adrienne! I love the chipped paint and I agree with the perfect amount of embellishments!

  5. Holy WOW! I LOVE these! I'm always collecting bottles and then wonder what to do with them! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  6. Gorgeous! You are an amazing artist...:) xoxox

  7. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! i am so in love with these!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have NEVER seen anything so beautiful ... I am going to have to give this a try...

  9. Awww, you are all so sweet and warm my heart! You don't know how much your kind words mean to me! :) So glad you all like them! HUGS

  10. Wow! This is soooo clever! What a great job you have done with these bottles! I am amazed!!!

  11. Oh wow those look so different now. I have never seem anything like this.

  12. Ohh Ahh! Gorgeous! What an amazing transformation. So inspiring x

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