Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hi All!

I can't believe that we are already to #63 over at CSI...... I don't know what shocks me more- that there have been already 63 Case Files so far or that it went by in a flash! Time flies when you are having fun and creating......

Here is a direct link to this weeks Case File #63

My Take........

This photo is taken of myself and Debbi----the Mastermind and Creator of the WONDERFUL CSI Challenge Site! Yes, that is right!!!! I have met this beautiful spirit and she is one incredible person :)....... more about that in a minute.....

For my evidence I used Flowers (of course) and metal. 

For my testimony, I chose to "Document a Hobby"........ My journaling is usually on the back.... it reads--

I did not find CSI. CSI found me. It was early Jan 2012. I was three months into being a Mom of Two.....I was tired, shaken to the core really. I wore pj's night AND day, showers---well what's a shower? LOL....I had one heck of a crier for a baby girl. She made my son's first weeks look like a cakewalk. We can look back on it and laugh now, but not then. We were grateful for this little blessing, but boy, was she ever testing our patience.

So I am sitting at my computer, its late, the child is FINALLY asleep. 

I had been scraping for some time now by then, off and on.....I was just sucked into themes and color coordinating stickers. I was also stalking online galleries for months, seeking out inspiration, that I had little time to try and learn from and use as a spring board. I could be inspired by hundreds of layouts and never set out creating via that inspiration. 
Finally, I had enough courage to post creations online.  I was self conscious ..... I was posting my creations among scrappers I had been idolizing for months. It was weird for me! LOL!

That is, until CSI came along. 

I started to play. I was gitty with excitement, I couldn't wait to finish and post my creation ASAP! And so it went. I would be so excited for each new case file..... With each new one I gained more and more confidence in my abilities, and became more and more adventurous with color and more importantly, the journaling aspect. I was finally at home.

So meeting Debbi (the creator of CSI) was easy. She just so happen to live in a town not far from where I grew up..... It was a hop, skip and a jump away. One day last June we finally met. She showed me behind the scenes of her beautiful spacious scrap room and we sipped tea and chatted...... and this photo was taken. :)

Debbi is such a beautiful person inside and out. I will cherish her friendship and what she gave me-- her brain child gave me a chance to become the scrapper I wanted to be, but was unsure of how to be.  CSI continuously pushed me and I can't say I would have advanced as much as I did in this last year if it weren't for it. 

So here I am..... again, sitting at the computer....looking at this photo of myself 50 pounds heavier than I am now...... I didn't realize how tired I looked. LOL....I felt it, being a new mom, but I didn't know I looked the part! hehe!

My hobby has also saved has preserved me as a person in this little capsule. I have been broken  these past couple of years, and well I find myself... my soul, healing with each creation I make. In more ways than one. In the days that I just did not know how I could move on with the new day, scrapping carried me, creatively through the daily woes.... If I was upset, I scrapped. If I was nervous or fearful of the unknown I prayed.....and scrapped :) It got me through. 

I am grateful.

Until next time :)



  1. ooooooo what an amazing story Adrienne :) we are lucky too have you and your inpsiration is amazing to so many :)

  2. Gorgeous! Awesome background you have created, and the flowercluster and story are beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day :o)

  3. Just gorgeous texture and LO as always!!!

  4. I love the story behind this photo, thank you for sharing!
    Love the layout to!

  5. Stunning layout and heartfelt story - thank you for sharing!

  6. This page is so artistic and gorgeous and thank you for sharing such real, honest emotion here! That takes courage! And well thank goodness CSI found you because your work is beautiful!!

  7. Oh I love this post! How wonderful that you and Debbi got to meet! I would have loved to have been there.
    CSI DT was such an amazing support for me too. When CSI started I was in such a hard place too, with Lachlan's death. I had no idea of your struggle sweetie, I'm so sorry. I'm so glad you are healing. So grateful to you and Debbi and CSI for your love and support during my difficult time too xx