Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

Hello All! Another month has passed and it time for Mid Month UNIveristy over at the Flying Unicorn Forums. This month's challenge I have for you is - Thrift Store Finds....... I have for you today an altered wreath that I found at my FAVORITE thrift store for literally next to nothing. I think it was 50 cents. You can't get any better than that. I am thrilled to be sharing with you, my creation of how I transformed this. So when thinking about what I might want it to look like, I kept in mind that I wanted something that could be used for spring, but not too spring-y that I couldn't use it at another time, if I wanted to pull it out at another time. I also wanted it to be something I could hang inside or out. This is how I came to decide on my color palette. 

 The process. First I spray painted the whole thing off white. You could prime it really any way you would like. I then used several Glimmer Mists and Shimmerz over top in some pink, peach, and brown hues.  I went over top of it was some Stampendous Embossing Powder in a pink shade. The shimmer is absolutely FABULOUS! I then tied soft white lace to one side and then wrapped it around the wreath several times around.

 The next part is embellishing which was FUN! I started with two Prima Vines and set them down end to end, set the larger flowers in the gap, and then began to fill in around it.

And your done, how easy is that. Cheap wreath= fun craft!

So my challenge for you this month is this----alter a DIRT CHEAP thrift store find or a cheap item around your home. 

1. Find your item----go on a thrift store adventure. The item does not have to be a wreath, but it does need to be cheap. It you can't hit up the thrift shop- find something around your home that needs little lift, again it must be something on the more plain side. 

2. I want to see white and flowers, and some ribbon or lace. I don't think this crowd is low on flowers- so I think we are safe :) hehe!

Other Rules- Must be new and submit to the gallery by March 14th, to be considered for the RAK
All other challenge rules apply.

The beautiful RAK that can be all yours......

Items used from Flying Unicorn Store