Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hi All! 

I am sure if you have been following me for some time now, you have noticed that I have made some changes to my blog! I have changed my blogs name (the URL WILL REMAIN THE SAME) and the overall look of my blog. These changes were not made in haste, as I took some time thinking about my beloved blog- my tiny space on the web :)

When I started this blog a little over a year ago, I really did not know what my blog would become. I did not know how long it would last, nor what I would write about. I was VERY new to the online scrapbooking world, and subsequently I took to mostly writing about the ins and outs of my daily life as a mother. 

As I began to write over those first few months, I began to realize that as much as I LOVE my children more than anything, there was something more to me- as a person. My identity. I wasn't just a wife. Or a mother. I was a crafter. And I loved it. It made me feel human, even when some days I never got out of my pajamas and my hair was a frazzled mess. My kids and husband had my time during the day, but at times I could sneak away and do something just for me. Feed my creative soul.
Of course, my kids are still a huge part of my craft. Without them as inspiration, there would be no crafting.

I also started my blog out with a name, that was fine, but over time, over the longevity of my blog's life, I don't think it will suit. And One More Makes Four would have done just fine, if we weren't planning on having more children- but we will one day, Lord willing, become five (NO, NOT ANY TIME SOON!). Ultimately, it was that, and I want my blogs title to reflect its primary subject- crafting. 

My scrapbooking hobby has taken off wildly in the last year, and there is no end in sight. My blog posts, were primarily becoming posts about my creations, my identity outside of my daily ins and outs. I also wanted my blog's look to reflect, a more clean and polished look.  I wanted a look that I will keep for a long while, till I can afford a drastic beautification by a trained graphics designer! LOL- bc, let's be honest. My blog is no where near perfect. But it reflects me :)

So there you have it. There is my decision on why I changed. Better to change now, while my blog is still very much in its infancy. 

I hope to be able to inspire you over the course of the next year. 

Until next time,



  1. Looks awesome- there's nothing more refreshing (online~!) than a blog makeover :)~ enjoy your new home~!


  2. Love the new look Adrienne, perfect for your style. I have admit REALLY happy about the font change too. The old one I had to concentrate really hard lol or that could just be aging eyes =)

  3. haha! Yes Georgia I was having a hard time reading it myself! I could not stand it after awhile- the whole blog was just needing attn I could not give it. This is much better. :)

  4. Looks great, Adrienne! I never actually noticed anything about the font but everything looks fab!!!!