Saturday, December 15, 2012

CSI #50

CSI #50 is up and ready to inspire!!!! Take a look at this beautiful case file!

Here is how I solved the case. 
For my evidence I used a Metal Star, Shimmery Glitter on my tree, Fabric and faux stitching. For my testimony I choose to tie string around my journaling spot which is located as one of my layers under the photo. I wrapped natural twine around my paper and wrote;
 "A snowy day is always a good time to enjoy nature and explore news things. This is the first year that you got really into playing in the snow. You ran around the yard with the dog, and ran around and ran around! You had such a good time with the first snow of the season."

Check out CSI here for more details on how you can solve the case!

Until Next time,


  1. Seriously incredible =) Wish I could scrap like this!!

  2. Gorgeous! Magical and beautiful :)!

  3. Stunning LO Adrienne truly magical!!!

  4. Oh you are a true teaser! I was hoping to catch how you created that brilliant background. Pretty pleeeease would you consider posting just a teeeeeny explanation???? This is such a total stunner Adrienne, absolutely gorgeous feel and detail work! xoxo