Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Mess Turned Inspiration

Hi ALL! 

WOW! I have been bit slow this month on posts. So sorry. Life- what can I say! It caught up with me!

I wanted to share some inspiration. I have been unable to really scrap anything beyond my DT commitments this month and I spent most of it sick, but was itching to play and finally found my opportunity. In the most accidental places. 

So I look everywhere for inspiration. I am always looking for interesting textures and color schemes to try. I am the crazy girl digging in the trash looking for fun packaging to stamp with etc etc. I have grown accustomed to thinking outside the box. 

So yesterday I was sorting through my stash- and my DS (aka grabby hands) must have gotten ahold of a spool of yarn and it then proceeded to pull thread from several spools of sewing thread. What a tangled mess it was. I cut it off and was about the throw the whole mess away, but I stopped and took a second look at it. I thought it was kind of interesting looking. The Yarn a tan color and lots of thread in a rainbow of hues. It was just screaming to be scrapped. Hence a mess turned inspiring. 

I began with my background and lots of gesso and painting, and misting- my usual process and then I went about placing my yarn/thread "mess" on the paper in a creative whimsical way. 
I love how the thread and yarn create SO MUCH added texture 

And of course I finished it off with tons of beautiful Prima. Because I gotta have it in the mix! LOL

There. I feel better. Creation Complete. A Mess turned inspiration. By accident. The one time little hands have created something for me that is fun to clean up! LOL! 




  1. and what a gorgeous mess it is too :)

  2. This is amazing!! That thread looks fabulous and I adore your background. Is that crackle effect a stamp or paint?

  3. And OH what a fabulous "mess" it is!! GORGEOUS Adrienne, I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is truly unbelievable. Love this LO.