Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Prima Beach Babe Tutorial

Hi All! Here again to share a tutorial I created for my July Prima Guest Designer spot!!! If you missed it you can check out all my other Prima creations right here on my blog or here

1. I began my layout by taking Prima's Fairy Belle Paper and creating a unique border with my paper punch. I did this in a haphazard way- no rhyme or reason. I purposely wanted it to look jagged and uneven in some places to give a care-free look. You can also take some type to scrunch the rest of the border that was left un-punched and ink the edged for a more defined look. Mount to cardstock or patterned paper.

2. I then mapped out which area on my paper I wanted to "white wash" with my Gesso. Using my paintbrush, I layered my Gesso on using a back and forth motion. I decided to create my design almost in the shape of a T, but any design will do!

3. Once your Gesso has dried you can add misting to your project! I tend to add my mists lightest to darkest, drying between colors and soaking up any unwanted muddy-ing of colors. If you don't like the results, you can always go over it again with another layer of Gesso.

4. Once your misting is dry, you can go about stamping your misted area. This can be as subtle or dramatic as you would like. During this step I tend to stamp dark in the middle to light as I reach the border where the Gesso stops. I also like to subtly stamp outside of the Gesso'd area so stamping doesn't stop so suddenly and have a hard edge.

5. For a more soft look, white wash your flowers and elements with Gesso. You can do this before or after you glue. I tend to white wash my flowers to help the flower blend together like a garden.

6. Begin to add your flowers and embellishments. For this layout I wanted to further emphasize my beach-y look so I added a natural color of cheesecloth over top my elements stretching in some areas for a more weathered look. Add other nautical elements and finishing touched to your liking and you are done!

And the final product for your viewing pleasure!

Again, what a pleasure it was creating for Prima. Stay tuned for some more creations in the near future!




  1. These are all lovely :) Just wanted to say great blog girl! If you want to check out my blog I'm having a Giveaway going on! Feel free to check it out since it ends Friday! I can't wait to read more about your blog :) Happy Th!

  2. I can a;most smell the ocean looking at this. Thanks for the layout inspiration. Beautiful!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Adrienne! Beautiful work!

  4. WOW this is so stunning!! I so love these colours! Thanks for sharing your step x step :))xx

  5. Gorgeous layout Adrienne. So excited to see another tutorial from you! You know how much I love your background treatments. Thanks for sharing it step by step xo