Sunday, July 29, 2012

CSI # 30

Happy July! Hope everyone is staying cool. I got this shot of my DS this past week enjoying a little splashing in the slip-n-slide in his street clothes....minus the swim trunks. I guess when it is HOT like it has been, who cares what you are wearing.. MISSION: Get cool fast!

Wanted to stop in and share CSI's Newest and truly lovely Case File # 30! Hard to believe we are already to 3-0 ALREADY! This year is just flying by!!!

My Take......

Lots of beauties as always just like my little one shown here.

For my Evidence I used brick masking, distressing, fabric, and metal. For my Testimony I used key word "Sweet" AND wrote a story about friendship.

I wrote to my sweet baby about our budding friendship. When I lay and cuddle with my sweet baby girl I dream of the relationship I would like to have with her as she blooms into a young woman. I hope that she agrees to be my friend too. Obviously there will be some of the "I am the MOM and YOU are the daughter stuff to be had, but when she is old enough I can only dream of what we can share together as friends. 

But right now, she is still my lil lady!

Lots of Blog action comin' at you THIS WEEK! Some fun shares, a tutorial (as promised!) and some scrappy NEWS! Stay tuned my friends!



  1. So precious!! Beatifully done! I love your blog too! I'm following you now.

  2. Your little one is a lovely layout.