Friday, July 20, 2012

CSI Case File #29

Back again to share CSI Case File #29! So cute. So full of color and summer-y. LOVE!!!!

AND check out the adorable Coordinates!

Here is my take

My baby girl. Oh-so love her. 

For my evidence I used stripes, wood, and a weather look which I created in the background with a crackled stamp. For my testimony I chose to write about little K's Top 10. 

I went comical and a bit overboard with my DD's Top 10 at the moment
1. Mommy
2. Mommy
3. Mommy
4. Elmo
5. Dogs
6. Sleeping (with Mommy)
7. Mommy
8. Daddy
9. Daddy 
10. Mommy

I purposely wanted to really make a point the little known fact that my sweet baby girl, practically is attached to me lately. She is quite attached and she better be able to see her mama and be held by her mama at all times or she will scream and cry until she does!!!!!

Sigh. This mama LOVES her baby girl, but sometimes I YEARN for just a TINY bit of personal space every once in awhile! But with the help of this list I will forever remember this time in our relationship. Come to think of it, later on in her life (teens) when I am just expecting her to dislike me at times, I will look back on this time fondly.  

Will be back later in the coming days with some more Prima based layouts to share! (If you have no clue what I am talking about- see below)

Have a wonderful weekend ALL!




  1. This is so pretty Adrienne. That's crafter's template you have used is one of my favs too! I remember feeling the exact same thing as you with personal space and then they get bigger and you yearn for all those mummy, mummy moments when they just want to be close to you again! Enjoy it while you can =)

  2. Adrienne, such a beautiful layout. I love your take on the case file.
    So sad I couldn't get a DT layout done in time for this case.

    I love your top 10 for your daughter! Lol, I'm sure I could have said the same about my DD about a year ago.


  3. Hi Adrienne. I am a new follower from "The Flying Unicorn". I really love this amazing layout you created.

    I would have loved something like this when my daughter was young. She is grown now so my top 10 would include things like "Boys, Staying over with friends, Ignoring my Mom,"