Friday, June 15, 2012

CSI and Sweet NEWS!!!

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday to you! Hope this week treated you all kind. I had quite the rough week. I wont get into details, but we had some water damage to our place.  The clean up has been a HUGE hassle. UGH. That is putting it lightly. Needless to say I am sooooo thankful it is the weekend!

I also have some HUGE news to share, but I will save that for the end.

Okay, So tonight's reveal over at CSI is A- MAZING!!!! Here is the Case File

Here is my take

"A Vision"

Beautiful Case File.... Debbi has done it again! Speaking of Debbi The founder of CSI- I got to meet her last weekend, for she lives not far from my home town. Can I just say she is the sweetest person!!!! So kind, and soft spoken. I just had a ball visiting with her. Such a cool experience. 

For my evidence I used gesso to white wash my background, I added some shimmer to the background as well as silver accents as my "mirror" and some sparkly bling.For Testimony I used the word Vision. I wrote some hidden journaling on the back of my layout. I wrote; "Baby, You are a vision in so many ways. You are such a beautiful baby inside and out. But even more than that, when I look at you I see a mirror image of myself staring back at me. You have some striking similarities to myself. It can't wait to see how you turn out looking as you grow up. Love Mama"

Again, lots of fun creating. I have been crazy into the art mediums. I have been on fire! I have been asked several times to share my techniques in a tutorial. So watch for that in the coming weeks!

Speaking of the coming weeks, I have some VERY SWEET NEWS!!!!!

Today over at the Prima Marketing Blog, Prima revealed their 2012-2013 Design Team. WOW! Their line up is FAB! A-plus! Prima never ceases to amaze me! They picked some amazing women to join their team. 
Even though I didn't make THAT line up, I was picked as one of their guest designers!!!!  This is a HUGE achievement considering how many talented women applied, which I am guessing is a lot! I am so incredibly humbled and so thrilled to join the team even for a month. 

I won't reveal when I will be guest designing for Prima but I will say it will be sooner rather than later. So look for that AND some other amazing news that I can't share at this time either. LOL! You will just have to wait and see!!!

I think my husband is relieved now, as I can stop obsessing and dreaming Prima. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




  1. Adrienne- A huge congratulations to you. I have to say I'm not surprised! Your work is so gorgeous and oh so inspiring. I can't wait to see your work for prima.

    Sorry to hear you have had a tough week- with water damage! How aweful!

    I love your layout for this case. Such a beautiful design and great take on the colour palette.

    And yeah to you doing a tutorial! Yes I was one of those who asked! So I'm very excited!


  2. P.s there is something wrong with the text talking about your take on Case 24. Al the lines are overlapped. So each word is cut in half. Making it hard to read.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I know about the weird writing. Thanks for looking out for me honey!!!! I am still figuring out how to fix it. I copied and pasted it from my description on CSI so I wouldn't have to write double! LOL! And if I go and delete it, it adds more of the messed up writing. UGH! Computers!

  3. Amazing, love the stamp & paint on the background with the soft feminine details!

  4. I saw you on the guest design list! Congrats! That page is amazing! You are getting more and more awesome with every page!!! This is fantastic!

  5. This is stunning! Love the flowers and how its flowing around the baby. :) Great colors and details, adore the little bling swirls here and there.