Friday, May 11, 2012

We Are Blessed

Happy Friday Everyone!

So glad you could stop in and say hello!

I have some fun things to share this eve.

First up over at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration we have a Case File that WOW's!!!!!

This one was so fun! I had a good time doing this, but it was one of those layouts that took me awhile to get to the finished product. Normally I am a FAST scrapper- I can finish a layout rather quickly, but this took TIME! LOL!

"We Are Blessed"

I just adore the picture in this layout. It was on the day of my daughter's birth when my son met her for the first time. He was quite unsure about the whole thing- his mommy being in a hospital and all. I remember this moment in particular. It was like it was frozen in time. I was not feeling good and yet it was one of the happiest moments. It was as if everything and everyone just disappeared and it was just the four of us. 

It is moments like that, that I feel so blessed. 

I have one more piece of eye candy before I head out. This layout has been half done for 4 months now. It sat in my bin for quite a long time before this afternoon when I had an extra hour or so to finish it.

I loved doing this. This is of Luke hunting Easter Eggs. LOTS of Rub-Ons on background, stamping and misting and then Gesso over top it all to tone it down a touch. I also handmade a ton of the flowers on here. They look so tiny and yet they used up two whole sheets of paper. I then misted some of them to alter their color. 

Well, I am off for now. Be back soon!



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  1. Adrienne,
    You always create the most stunning backgrounds for your layouts!
    I have already seen your gorgeous layout for case 19 over at CSI and love it!

    Your second layout is stunning! Incredible colours in the background. And the handmade flowers and twine add the pefect finishing touches! Devine x