Monday, May 21, 2012

Not Meant To Be

Good Morning, Eve, Etc!

Boy, do I need a pick-me-up this A.M. It is a cloudy day and it's Monday. UGH!

I have something bright to share though to maybe make it better!
I did this last night- My hands get bored, I guess and I need some scrap time to process things. Think.

I am just in love with making my own backgrounds on these, or using a patterned paper and altering it slightly. In this one I used mists, then stamped, then stencil last with Gesso. My work has leaned more towards mixed media- I LIKE it! I have some hidden journaling on the back of my layout sharing the ways that I adore our baby girl.


Lastly, I want to thank those of you whom took the time to wish us a happy anniversary. We went out this weekend for the first time in a LONG time. Our luck is low with actually getting to our fave restaurant- we have made three attempts and we have had to cancel twice and the restaurant once. This time it due to some small fire at the restaurant. UGH. I guess it is just not meant to be for now. HOWEVER, we made the best of it. On the contrary, we had one of the best dates on record! We went out to eat locally, and at dinner we got to talking about bowling-well, that's how we spent the rest of our date. Cheesy to some, but we had an AWESOME time together. We laughed, and had great conversation. Actually I am glad that our date turned out the way it did and we couldn't go down to the city. I often wonder what God is doing in situations like these. We so desperately wanted to go down to the city and he had other plans. I guess he still blessed our date and our relationship in a very different way that we had planned. HA! 

Well, now my hips are so sore, I feel like I am 10 months pregnant again. Oh the horrors!

Have a wonderful week everyone!



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