Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CSI Case File #17

Hi All!!!

Sorry to have been away from my blog this week... neglecting it I suppose. I have been very tired and just trying to get some things in order here on the home front. But I am back in the game and I just wanted to stop in quick this eve and share CSI Case File #17........

And here is my take on it....

Just love the colors, and a small tidbit- I have been adding some of my husband's grandmother's costume jewelry to some of my layouts. On this one I added a flower pin of hers. She was such an amazing spirited woman and I am so glad that she gets to be a part of my children's scrapbooks and memories.

One of the most important elements of CSI is to share you story through journaling. I chose to use the word "calm" to jump start my journaling.

Calm is one thing this boy of mine is not. Nor should he be. He is a boy after all and needs to get his energy out. Unfortunately for me this week has been nothing but rain, so its been crazy-hence my exhaustion. 

Every once in awhile though you will chance my sweet son mellow. Chilling out. Calm. It is then that I just am able to stare at him- really look at him, his eyes, his soft whispy hair. Adore my baby boy.

Sigh. (Happy Face)

Okay. More scrappyness another time. I will be back shortly with more creations. Yes I have been tired, but not enough to not scrap ;) I will share more soon!



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  1. This is such a vibrant stunning page!!!! I love it!!!