Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Challenge

Hi All!

House is quiet, baby is asleep, Bryan took Luke to all day volleyball tournament. Sigh. Its just me, my NEW vacuum and my blog. Yes, I have been taking this quiet moment (or a couple of hours) to clean. I have been sick this week, and you know what happens when a mama gets sick. A bomb of filth explodes on every crack and crevasse. So it is Hoover and Mr. Clean to the rescue! I am just in love with my vacuum though. It is my new and favorite toy! It makes me feel so clean. Vacuum, where have you been all my life?!

Anyways, back to the task at hand.

So, The day has come. The launch of my very own challenge!

"Rendezvous of Randomness" is all about all things random....the challenges, the twists, how scrappers can win (the prize each month will be a $20 Store Credit to the STTG Shop), it's all going to vary month to month. And yet, each month's challenge will be purposeful- engaging you to get inspired and getting your creative juices flowing. This months challenge is a simple one to start us off.

A color challenge- My personal favorite! My beautiful and talented sister Brooke took that gorgeous spring photo and I just couldn't resist but to snatch it up and use as inspiration to create my color palette.

Here is my example for my challenge:

So, my new challenge is happening the 21st of every month over at STTG, come check it out and play along! Also, while you are at it be sure to check out Wendy Greenaway's D.I.Y challenge and Doris Widder's 3D Sketch! And a heads up, my next challenge is already in the works- Do you want a hint- It begins with a "D" and ends with "usty." It is going to blow your socks off so stay tuned.

 And over at CSI #16 is open for your viewing and scrapping pleasure.

Here is my take on it



Gotta love the sweet smile she has on her adorable face. I could look at her all day....and I do!




  1. Gorgeous work Adrienne...everything you've been making has been pure gold!

  2. COming back to say CONGRATULATIONS! You will be such an asset to the csi team!

  3. Toot toot! CONGRATS Adrienne and welcome to the team! absolutely wonderful news! Love your spring page, what fabulous colours and what a beautiful page! Gosh, your sister is really brill with the camera, that inspo piccie is just awesome! Have a wonderful week! xoxox

  4. So happy to be starting this journey with you! I'm sure we'll have an awesome time!!!
    Loooove your creations and the Smile is FABULOUS!!!!


  5. Gotta love her smile. Both the infant layouts are very nice.