Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Mom

You ever get the feeling that if your not careful you might get run over?

This is how I felt today at a consignment sale for children's clothes.

The sad part about this is I was one of these crazied mommies trying to get a deal or two. On the drive there I was giving myself a pep talk- out loud. I talk to myself often enough, but I was adding to it by saying things like; You can do it! and "You got this!"

What would have been perfect is if I was also playing the song; "Eye of the Tiger." HA!

For such a special occasion as this you have to get yourself mentally prepared for the unforeseeable. You don't know if you will have to pull your boxing gloves out or not! Just Kidding!

So I get there and it was like a herd of Water Buffalo. It was mayhem and it was just plain humorous. I was one of the more relaxed- I had a plan to start with baby girl clothes first, because they are the most fun! LOL... and well all the mommies what their baby girls in cutesy outfits....no?

There were People Bumping. Strollers Bumping. Children screaming.....so yeah.

Needless to say, I got what I was looking for. A pile of deals! And my kids will look super cute for the summer. I AM Super Mom!

On to more exciting news! LOL!

First off, another of my layouts made The Most Wanted List over at CSI!

I just ADORE this site! I really enjoy their challenges and have reaped the rewards of reaching my goal of scrapping more of my photos. I so honored to be on this list. 

Here is the palette for that particular week

And here is my take on it!

"Queen Bee"

You can read why they chose my layout here!

There is much more exciting news to come and its right around the corner! Stay tuned!
(and no I am not pregnant!) Just saying. :)

Alright off to bed! 


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