Friday, March 30, 2012


Hi All!

Thought I would pop in before my weekend craziness began. I have been very busy with wifey-ness, mommy-ness and scrappy-ness so I have a couple of things to share.

First off I want you to check out the STTG Ning Site We have LOTS of new and EXCITING things on the horizon and you just have to be a part of it! I wont share specifics just yet but let's just say you will be "challenged" in more ways than one!

Also, stay tuned because in the coming weeks I will also be debuting picture tutorials here on my blog of some of my favorite scrappy things. Here are just a couple of things I will be sharing throughout the month of April.
~Tutorial on creating a custom layout background on a budget- Hint: Using my favorite art mediums- a.k.a PAINT!
~Handmade paper roses- which are so fun and you can customize them to match any layout.
~Altering Dusty Attic Chipboard (Fun and creative ways to make your Dusty one of a kind!
(You can find over 600 different Dusty Chippies here)

Speaking of custom backgrounds I created a layout this week for CSI Challenge #12.

Feast your eyes on this beauty:

Aren't you just drooling? I was.

This is my second attempt at a monochromatic layout. And can I just say it was so fun! I decided to go crazy with my paints and homemade mists. I also used molding paste to create those sweet butterflies and some microbeads which quite frankly I DESPISE working with. They had been laying around collecting dust since the beginning of my crafting journey. But I decided to give them another chance and so, I guess microbeads and I can be friends again.

"Journey to you"

Over at CSI two weeks ago they debuted this gorgeous color palette. #11

I must admit this one was the first color palette that I was actually stumped. I usually have a fairly easy time creating, I just play around with stuff until it is to my liking but I am telling you, this layout, boy, it was a tough one. I am not sure why but I guess I had a case of scrapper's block.


I like the final results. For my journaling I chose to document all the words Luke says at the moment. I also have some hidden journaling under my picture where I talk about how frustrating communicating with a two year old can be at times. 

I am happy to report though that all my hard work and five other try and fails paid off because I made CSI's Most Wanted List 

I am so humbled and gracious to be in the lime light once again this week, as I hope I can be an inspiration to others!  So stinkin' cool!

Lastly, an update on the home front. I am not very pleased to report that my child has officially learned how to let himself out of the house. I found this out not in the most ideal of ways. 
My husband and I were expecting company last evening for dinner and Bryan was cooking in the kitchen and I was cleaning our bathroom( not my favorite place to clean, but whatever). Neither of these locations are in eye sight of seeing the front door. Call it mother's intuition, but once again, my house became eerily quiet and I sensed that something wasn't right. I went looking for him and and its like I immediately considered the worst case scenario. There he was standing on our front porch. Luckily he must have known he was in the wrong because he was trying to get back in. 

Although this situation couldn't really be prevented, since how would we know he could let himself out, but it honestly was the best outcome I could think of. I found him quickly and now we know that he can and WILL ATTEMPT to do it. All this goes to show you mommies out there, that yeah once again kids are SO UNPREDICTABLE and I think I gained a grey hair today. 

Luke-2. Mommy-0. 


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  1. Both are spectacular page congrats on your feature too at CSI