Monday, March 26, 2012


There is the new adventure I am embarking upon this week. The joys of a very curious- My will stop at nothing to reach something 2 year old has found unmarked territory. 

We have childproofed all unsafe items and all the rest is strictly off limits, but my son ALWAYS seems to find something new to explore. There is no rock that goes unturned in my house these days. Nothing is sacred unless it has a door in front of it.....

Until this week.

He finally has figured out and mastered quickly how to open the refrigerator. (Sigh)

Let the games begin. For now it has been innocent enough, although it is only a matter of time before he gets himself in a heap of trouble. 

The most recent adventure to the fridge he found himself a lucky guy with a Pillsbury Pie Crust from 2011 (yes that's right! I don't bake either!) Obviously I like the thought of baking, but have not since 2011 apparently.

(The scary part is it still looks fresh!)

Luke gets the pie crust out, and quickly brings it over to me and with extreme happiness and enthusiasm nods and says; "yes. yes. yes!" He wants it BAD....real bad. 
Pie crust? COME ON! Do you not know that your mother is a terrible cook and shouldn't set foot in that kitchen?! Baking ends bad. Everytime. Period.
I went on the explain that he couldn't have it and it was not cooked.... yada yada. He was not pleased in the slightest.
He then proceeds to go to the kitchen and pick old food off the floor because apparently, I don't feed him enough either.

What is a mother to do?! I guess we will find out!


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  1. That image made me giggle! Beautiful blog btw!