Saturday, March 3, 2012


Meet our newest member of the family......and no it is not a puppy....oh how I wish!

I decided to call him "Blue." "Beta Blue." "Little Boy Blue." 

But Luke will know him as just Blue. This is Luke's new fish really. We got it for him on an outing this evening. We decided we wanted to treat Luke for his birthday so we took him to Chick-fil-a and then we went to the "Fish Store." WhenI say fish, I mean FISH! This store is sooooo awesome. There is a couple of sharks and some reptiles and well THOUSANDS of fish! 

Now, if you know Luke personally, you will find out very quickly how much he loves animals all of kinds. So this trip was well, right up his alley.

We were there forever, just looking at every fish tank there is and he just loved it. He loved it so much he didn't want to leave. 

Needless to say, Luke left the store kicking and screaming. Literally. 

And loudly I might add!

Luke can be incredibly feisty, but he was TICKED! HA! I haven't seen him that mad in awhile. Thankfully we had "Blue" in tow and he said "fish" the whole way home.

Might I add that my sweet crier of a baby Karina slept the WHOLE TIME we were there! It was so peaceful and quiet. I felt like I was on vacation from incessant crying. It was totally the running water sound. I think we will be going to the Fish Store more often!

So, hopefully we can keep "Blue" for awhile. I am no green-thumb so I hopefully that doesn't roll over into my pet feedings.....or killings. EKK!

Lastly, here is a layout I did of Luke's Birthday! 
I did this one for CSI #9

"Turning 2"

I found these ADORABLE chipboard cupcakes, house, and little person thing in my black hole of a closet! I was so excited. I think I have had them for light-years!
I also finally got to try this technique I saw in a magazine in which you layer the same photo one on top the other 3 times! I love the results!
I also went crazy with the paint again- I diluted some paint in a spray bottle and went crazy! Before I knew it I had paint all over my laptop, my glasses, my clothes. 
Oh boy, does my crafting ever get messy!

Have a great weekend!



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