Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Giant Leap

Hello All!
I have no idea how I have survived this week. Normally when illness comes to town I am the first and sometimes only person on the train! I don't know how, but whatever germs are in my home and making my babies cry and my husband snore, well I have not gotten it. As bad. I have a little something or another but I don't feel nearly as bad and the rest.

I wanted to share some fun news on my blog tonight- Over at CSI http://csicolorstoriesinspiration.ning.com/  each week they choose what they think are some of the best scrapbook layouts for the week. Last weeks challenge was this;

You have to use all 5 colors, select 2 items from evidence and 1 testimony. Each week they choose 5 of the best layouts "Most Wanted" and then a few others are on the "Watch List." Well tonight I went on there just to check the gallery, and I found that my layout had made the "Watch List!"

To see their sweet comments about why they chose my layout you can go to
http://csicolorstoriesinspiration.ning.com/ (scroll the whole way to bottom)
AND you can also see all the awesome details here; 

This is one small step for me, one giant leap for ART!
To be honest, it just made my day. You know, I wasn't chosen for the "Most Wanted" list, but I will take this as a triumph..... I will take it, because frankly, I was chosen amongst some of the best scrappers in the world!!! I'm not joking. WORLD! I am honored to be on that list, any list with such creative and talented women! What a privilege. 

This girl is tickled pink.......or maybe that's the dreaded fever......hmmm......


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  1. This is gorgeous! I can see why you are being "watched" I love the distressing and all of your photo's are AMAZING! So congrats, and I am now your latest follower! ;)