Friday, February 17, 2012

A Natural

Hello All! Here I am again... late at night, blogging instead of sleeping. I had a migraine attack this eve. This one was one of strangest I have had. I had a headache all day but then around 6.... like a thief in the night it came on and within 3 hours it was completely gone like it never happened. How did I describe it to my husband once it had passed- I felt like I was in a cyclone and I was buzzing!... So Strange.

Any who!

I wanted to just share some pictures of Karina I took today. She is a looker and quite the natural with the camera. We are so excited this week she has really started to laugh out loud! It is the cutest thing I have seen and my heart just bubbles with excitement when she laughs.

K with Big Brother Luke 

And MY personal favorite!

Drool Anyone?

I will be using some of these lovely photos in my scrapbook color challenges this week. Stay tuned to be inspired ;)


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  1. love those pics. looks like she is on the road to recovery. must have been a migraine day, I had one most of yesterday also. Weather?