Monday, February 6, 2012

All Drugged Up

So, before I head to bed I felt the need to take a moment and laugh at the day's events. Since Luke was diagnosed with croup on Friday, things around here have been crazy- and that is putting it lightly! Luke was put on steroids to help with his breathing and Bryan and I are calling him "Hulk" because all day today he has been terribly mean, nasty, and incredibly aggressive, thanks to being "all drugged up." Thank you steroids for making my son better, but I hate you for turning him into a "beast."

So, Luke awoke from his nap and I was in our bedroom, Bryan out in the living room. I thought okay Bryan is out there I will take 10 more minutes and finish up a project...... So I take my time, but then start thinking that things are awfully quiet out there.

So I walk out and I find this;

Now how I did not hear the clinking of the pasta going all over is beyond me. At first I was a tad upset, because Bryan was snoring away on the couch, clearly Luke was unsupervised. Normally this is all normal Luke stuff, except he normally isn't shoveling all of the uncooked pasta in his mouth-another steroid side effect-ravenous hunger.

I had to find the humor in this situation somewhere so I took some pictures before cleanup.

I particularly enjoy this picture. My son apparently enjoys playing with cans of food more than his toys. He also enjoys stacking, and lining them in nice neat rows. I find this incredibly humorous because this is something I love to do; label, organize, and sort anything and everything. 

Dear Lord, He is taking after me! Oh dear.............


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