Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the Eyes Of A Child....

What's not to love about this little guy?! That little guy is my baby boy. Sigh.... I cant believe that I made him at times. I mean you know, God and Bryan were involved in the process, but this being was grown by me. Adrienne. That is pretty mind boggling. Its pretty awesome too! Its not everyday that you think of the miracle a child is, and what it took for that child to be. here. on this earth. I feel so privileged that God entrusted me with this little one. He can be a handful at times, but I just love him to pieces.

So Luke and I were playing today and its just him and me. One on one. Can I just tell you that sometimes I feel like I have forgotten how to play. Play is a HUGE part of a child's development and understanding of the world around them. I encourage Luke to play independently and yet he just wants to play with Mommy all the time! HA! 

Now I know how to play barbies and braid hair, but my baby boy is rough and tumble. This kid wants to throw things and make roaring sounds as his dinosaur eats my dinosaur. As he was attacking my dino today I got to thinking about how I feel like at times I have forget how to be a kid again. 

We were watching the movie Hook yesterday and there is this scene in which Peter Pan and the lost boys are sitting at a table ready to eat, yet there is no food, at least to Peter that is. The lost boys were using their imaginations and were eating a feast and all Peter (Robin Williams) saw were empty dishes. Once he joined in on the fun then it became real.

I feel this way with pretend play with Luke. I hope that in the future I can really embrace my imagination and Luke and I walk through jungles, fight lions, play house and on and on. And the best part. I get to see the magic in his eyes as we do it together.


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