Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Scrappy Life

Hi All!I wanted to take some time a share some layouts I have been working on. I have been finding that after a long day of raising the babes I Yearn for some peace and quiet to just sit and scrap. I love rummaging through my scrap supplies and finding the perfect pieces for my idea. 


I really enjoyed making this one of Luke. I signed up for a new scrapbook challenge site this week called CSI; Color, Stories, Inspiration ( They give you a pallete of colors and some items you have to have on your layout and then you just create. This is what I came up with.

"Sublime Beauty"

The layout below is my personal favorite. Can you tell I really like flowers? LOL!

So in this past week I have decided two things and realized one thing.
1. I MUST find a way to make money to feed my scrapbook obsession. This is an urgent matter. Haha! No Really, My mom and stepsisters have encouraged me to sell my layouts. I have been playing around with this idea. But I really don't even know where to begin. Who would buy them? How much would I charge for supplies, sweat, and man hours producing it? Thoughts anyone?
2. I have my favorite scrap booking supply companies which I follow via blogs etc. On these blogs they have design teams who create layouts using their products. I think I would just die to be on a couple of these teams. I don't think I am quite there yet though. I mean these women create amazing ART! I kid you not- I drool and swoon over these ladies and what they come up with. But that is my goal. For future Adrienne.
3. I have realized that I am a hoarder of all things scrappy. I mean my closet is not for clothes. Its for all my supplies and scraps. Over the past two or so years I have acquired all this stuff. Yes, there are fabric flowers and all ,but most of my paper crafting is simply paper- You can make flowers, banners, all kinds of stuff, but all the bits and pieces I save. I shake my head because I am not sure why. In all other areas of my life I toss things like its nothing. My husband can attest- His favorite belt (which was so ugly BTW)- Trash! And furthermore, it is incredibly hard for me to use the supplies I do have, especially my favorite things. I AM a hoarder! AHH! 
Oh my! I just looked at what time it is. UGH! Luke will be in my bed with me here in no time flat, wanting to cuddle. I need those 3-4 hours of sweet dreams where I don't have a 2 year old smashed up against me. 

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