Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mittens and a Gigantic Mess

Hi All! The snow has finally showed up- It fell last night and into the morning here and I was actually happy to see it for once. I was not happy that we decided to cancel our date night though- We were supposed to go to our absolute favorite resturant in Philly and well- we didnt get to go. Bummed. On a side note- We haven't been out on a date since last February. Gasp!
So this morning when we woke up, I took Luke to the window and opened the blinds. When he saw the snow he got this sheepish smile on his face and went "OHHH...." Cutest thing ever.
So then I decided that we would go out- Mommy secretly needed some winter pics. I got Luke all ready- It was like the scene in the movie "A Christmas Story" where Ralphie's mom is stuffing his kid brother into his snow suit. So we set off outside. I am utterly dissappointed to report that I wanted to play in the snow more than he did. He was upset that he fell and then he was traumatized that there was snow on his mittens. Oh well. Maybe he was having an off day or maybe he just likes it warm and sunny. Maybe he will end up living in California someday. Maybe I will follow suit. So we got a couple of photos and went back inside. I guess we wont be making snow angels any time soon!

And onto the mess. So you all know how I just love scrapbooking. It has been just a wonderful journey for me. I have found it to be my haven in a crazy life. I have my scrap table set up in our bedroom and I know that I can go there and just find quiet. So I have been scrapping like crazy lately- I have been busy pushing myself by joining scrapbook challenge sites where you have to add certain colors and items to a layout. Well all this challenging got me thinking about how I really want a brand new challenge and would really love to share my talents with others. Plus making some extra money would be nice too. So with a little encouragement from our families I have decided to set up an Etsy Shop ( In my shop I will be selling mostly things related to scrapbooking- Supplies, Scrapbook pages made by me, handmade flowers and cute little dress forms. I wont reveal my site name just yet ( I will sometime this week when I have loaded all my items) but here are a couple of sneak peeks....

Handmade Fabric Flowers (I have made 90 some of these flowers (I counted)

 Dress Forms (I love making scrapbook layouts but I have to say I just had sooooo much fun creating these little things. How adorable are they!?

 Some closeups for your viewing pleasure!

So my husband has been so supportive of this new venture I am perusing. Now if you know me well enough, you know I cant stand a mess. I like my house tidy and everything in its place (This task is hard with a 2 year old running around but I try). Since this Etsy thing got me all fired up, the apartment has been a total disaster. I think I will be finding little bits of fabric in the carpet for weeks to come. 
Okay, so that is all for now. 

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