Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Country Style

Happy New Year All! I cant believe a new year is here already! That is so crazy to me! We were out town this weekend and spent the weekend visiting with family. We had a great time and brought in the new year with a BANG! No literally, a BANG! A loud noise. Yes, that's right I, Adrienne shot my stepdad's shot gun to bring in the new year!
The picture quality isn't so good with this one and I look like a shlub with my pj's tucked into my Uggs, but you get the idea. So anyways, I felt like I was going back to my roots. Haha! This wasn't the first time I brought in the new year shooting a gun, growing up in a rural town you get to do lots of "country" things. I love that I have my hometown, small town to go back to and visit from time to time and my new home (where we are raising our family) so close to Philadelphia. Its the best of both worlds! 
So finally when the ringing in my ears and the shock of firing a "turkey shot" dissipated I began thinking about New Years Resolutions. Why do people make them if they know they cant keep them? I bet the percentage of people who actually stick to their resolution is so minimal. I am not typically one of those people who makes a resolution, because frankly, I am not good at keeping them. I am certainly not the dieting type, nor do I feel that there is one bad habit in particular that needs to be resolved, besides I kind of like my bad habits. But I have been thinking about 2011 and how me and 2011 didn't get along very well. So instead of a resolution I will make a deal with 2012. You be good to me and I will be good to you :)

Here are some sweet pics I took of the kids this week. I have been enjoying dressing Karina up like a doll baby (cue snicker) and adding bows to her hair etc. I have also have been exploring this brand new world of photo editing and can I say- I'm in love. I went a bit crazy with the text on the pics, but I can't help myself! 

Not only are my babies so cute in person, they are beautiful on paper. Speaking of paper, I have some scrapbook layouts to share. Oh boy am I having way too much fun scrapping lately. Those nights of staying up till 1am are soooo worth it!

Thanks for checking in!

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