Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anatomy of a Layout

Hi All, I have a couple of extra minutes here to share with you some layouts I did this week. (For those of you who are not "into" scrapbooking you can click exit now ;)

"Amazement and Wonder"
I did this one yesterday during the kiddos napping time. I did this for a scrapbook challenge site called The Color Room. You sign up for free, and they send you a color palette via email every week. 

This is of Luke in a Zinnia Field my friend and I took our kiddos to this summer. You can go and pick your own zinnias for dirt cheap. Very cost effective way to color your world...I mean house! It is fairly close to our houses and I cannot wait to go back again. Summer countdown in my house has begun!

Next one is called "You."

I also did this for a scrapbook challenge site called CSI: Colors, Stories, Inspiration. Loved doing this one- it took me under an hour to do and was VERY cost effective. 

Now I know what some of you are thinking, that it looks too hard or your don't think you can do it. But I am here to tell you its not! I also know that most of you have at least ONE photo at home that you can scrap one afternoon for fun. Okay, don't. HAH! But, IF the mood strikes you, take it from me, you can do it! 

Let me break it down for you in 5 easy steps.
1. Choose a photo, any photo. 
2. Next look at the colors in the picture, how can you draw those colors out to make them shine.
3. Think color wheel. What colors compliment the colors in your picture. ie: If your baby is wearing blue than you can try to make a layout using shades of blue and orange. OR if you think you are not good at this again you can go sign up for a site like The Color Room and the work is done for you. You can also print your picture in Black and White and then do any color combo you'd like.
4. Next pick a sketch on the web or draw your own. I made my own up, but mostly I use a sketch.
5. Go get your coupons and then go get your supplies.

I am going to break down how cheap it can be to scrapbook. If you have a coupon/a sale, an hour, and a photo, you can make it happen in no time flat. I will break down the layout below and tell you what to buy and how cheap it can be.

Micheals Craft Store
(print off your 40% off one item online before you go!)
a. Paper; On sale 4/$1= I got this for .25cents
b. Acrylic Paint (pink)= On sale .79cents
Doilies that surround photo and bottom corner journaling spot= 1.20 with coupon (these are in the cake making section)
Ribbon = My mom gave this to me for free, but this type you can get for about 1.00
Paper Flowers I used a coupon and got these for about 2-3 dollars total.
And I added a couple of other tiny embellishments I had from my stash.

Wow it only cost about 5-6 dollars! 

Now I admit I have been scavenging sales and gathering coupon deals for supplies for about two years now, so I have quite a collection of supplies on hand, but again, minimal cost if you choose to try it!!!
Also most of these items- paint, ribbon, doilies you will have plenty extra for other projects. So the cost per layout is even cheaper!

I will leave you with that to chew on. If you choose to do this I promise to come back within a week and break down this layouts process and show you hoe easy it is! So go get your supplies and watch the sales. 

Until Then,

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