Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Thank You is due

Hi Everyone! I thought I would share a couple of fun scrapbook layouts I did of Luke this week. Both the kiddos were sleeping so I got some "Mommy Time" in. I have been finding that since adding one more baby to the mix my scrap time is more limited so I have been spending less time agonizing over each little element on the page and just have been kind of throwing it together haphazardly. The funny thing is- I like the messy looking ones more than the neat ones!
Here is another one.
While I was slopping the paint on these layouts I thought of Mrs. Baker my high school art teacher. As a child I grew up knowing her because my mom worked with her as her aid for a short time. This woman knew how talented my mother was artistically so from the minute I walked into my art classes this woman was on me like a bad habit pushing me to my limit! I would go home so annoyed because Mrs. Baker would always tell me I could do better and change half of my project. Okay, maybe not half, but it felt like it! If I saw Mrs. Baker today I would thank her. Because even though I don't paint on canvas or all that real artsy-fartsy stuff, I have found my love for art in a different way. So, "Thank YOU Mrs. Baker."

Lastly, A shout-out is due for my totally awesome family. The print quality on my sad, old camera was poor and you cant have a scrapbook layout with fuzzy pics.Its like cake with out the icing. So thanks to my super totally awesome sister and brother-in-law and Mom and Dad Ford for giving me A BRAND SPANKING NEW CAMERA for Christmas! WEEEEEE!


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