Thursday, December 8, 2011

Its the little things in life........

This is my daughter Karina. She cries a lot. Right now she is napping which is WONDERFUL! Nap time is happy time at my house! But when she is awake she looks like this;

Bryan and I are not used to crying babies. Our little guy was a sweet little baby. Don't get me wrong. He fussed, but he generally was and still is happy most of the time. Now this one. I am not so sure I will survive to tell the full tale. I am already talking about not having any more children......just kidding people!......sort of.

 Well I guess I should have known she might be a bit temperamental. See, I had these little hints of what she would be like because during my pregnancy she wanted things done her way. She would not cooperate during ultrasounds and gave us several scares. In my last trimester she decided she did not want to come out the way she should. She wanted to lay sideways right on her mama's hips! Not only was I so frustrated with normal pregnancy woes, I had so much shooting pain down my legs I was hobbling around like a 90 year old woman (not looking forward to growing old). To make a long story short, she decided that she was staying in this position and I ended up having a C-Section. Bummer.

At my follow up visit with my OB, We were talking about my birth experience and how my little lady was a tad stubborn and didn't want to enter the world the way nature intended. As he was leaving the room the doctor paused at the door and said the strangest thing. He told me I needed to let him know in the coming years how her demeanor is.....and then he chuckled and shut the door. WHAT the heck does that mean?! Does he know something I don't? Are transverse babies generally naughty with horns growing out the sides of their head?! Now I am scared!

Now I went home and I by no means am setting my kid up for failure, but I began to think; "do stubborn babies in utero make for cranky I'll-do-it-my-way babies on the outside?" Is there some study I should know about?!

All of this set aside, I was holding my little peanut today, hardly got any sleep last night, tired, cranky. And you know what? She smiled at me. Several times. And even threw in a couple of coos for good measure. Can I just say how much that warmed my heart. I know all of this baby stuff is not forever and well it is just thee greatest thing when you have a moment with your baby. It makes all the 3 am feedings, stinky diapers, AND all the crying so worth it. Now please remind me of this later when she is crying hysterically and I am at my wits end.

Fast toward to now. I should be napping when the baby is napping. But noooooo, I have to blog! Thanks a lot blog!


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