Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Feast, A Friendship, and a Frustrating Week

Hi All! It felt like Thanksgiving all over again at my house today!
My Husband is a wonderful cook. He runs the kitchen in our house and I cant be more happy. I frankly cant stand cooking. We are constantly joking that his food tastes better than mine because it is made with love and I just throw it together and cant wait till I am done. He enjoys the process of cooking and experimenting with flavors, and well I like to eat- so it all works out! So naturally the day would come when he would try to cook his first bird.
Say hello to our little turkey friend:
(Sorry to our vegetarian friends out there). 
Anyhow, so we get this free turkey (courtesy of our Giant Bonuscard) and have to eat it too! We cant do this alone, but we have help. Our dear friends the Cicutti's join us and we get the job done. It is always nice to get together with these two and their little guy. We have shared some good years and memories together-college years, being newlyweds together, babies. 
We had a good laugh tonight of the old days- You know those days that the guys sat around and talked video games and us two gals gabbing away. HA! And to think how easy it was for the four of us to get together and go out to eat at a moments notice. Now with three babes between us its loud and chaotic, but its us. We haven't changed as people but our lives have. In a good way.
So we all sat around the table broke bread together and it got me thinking- Everyone needs a friend. A good friend. Someone who will be your ally and someone who feels confident enough in your friendship to tell you when you are wrong. These people are that to us. We couldn't have a better friend in them. So even though Thanksgiving is WAY over and Christmas is upon us, I continue to be thankful for their friendship.

I will leave you tonight with something to munch on. Haha, well not really, but how about an image to remember. 

(Disclaimer: What you are about to see might scare you. Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle and no one will be harmed. Do not feed the wild life). Despite the frustration herein this post, I really DO love my first born child.)

While all of you are sleeping away slumbering peacefully, Bryan and I are in the same four walls as this;
This is Luke. Here is his sad face. Why is he sad you ask? I will tell you. Luke decided two days ago that it was time to escape from the confines of his four walled cage...err....I mean crib and well it has been WW3 ever since. We had to convert his crib into a toddler bed and well it has been quite a process getting him used to his new "big boy bed." He has decided that he THINKS he can get out of his bed whenever he pleases. Not Happening Little Man! We have been firm and fair with him. And yet we are just waiting for him to "get" that he is tired and has to stay in his bed to get rest. We have been frustrated and frankly he is too.
I can only find peace in knowing that he will fall asleep eventually and I will too.

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