Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Crooked Christmas

Hi All! The countdown until Christmas has begun. I have made a list and checked it twice- and I am still not done shopping. ERR. Oh well.
So here is our tree. I am still figuring out my new camera and couldn't get a good shot of our whole tree. Instead I will describe it to you.

First off, our tree is the smallest we have ever had. Measuring in at less than 5 feet, it is tiny by my standards and to our dismay cost us the most we have ever paid for a tree. Furthermore, it is just slightly crooked. I am totally Type A personality and am trying not to let it bother me because I know what a pain it is to get it straight. But it still bothers me. Next, are the ornaments. We tried to place these strategically, the breakable ones on top and all the tacky plastic ones on the bottom. This was meant to prevent Luke from breaking the nice glass ones, but this did not work. He has already broken two. And lastly and my personal favorite is the large gaping hole in the front which we have since tried to spruce up, but to no avail. Luke was standing on the rocking chair, rocked backwards too far and well you can guess the rest. You could say our tree has some slight imperfections. So as I like to do every year, I am sitting here looking at the twinkling lights and reflecting (no pun intended ;) ) on the season and the past year. 

This crooked/imperfect tree in some ways reminded me of the somewhat imperfect year we as a family have experienced. We have been given tiny blessings (Karina Grace) etc and yet faced some hard times and trials as well. Those closest to us can understand what I am getting at. This imperfect year has in all honestly jaded me at times.

But do you know what makes up for the imperfection of our little tree and the imperfection of our year? The little Nativity scene sitting underneath it. I grew up with this nativity set. I remember as a child poking a hole in the straw backing and poking a single Christmas light through (Baby Jesus has to see people!) I so enjoy knowing that my babies will get to do the same someday. 

But that nativity scene is so much more. We are imperfect. Our lives may be imperfect. We may not always have all we want in earthly pleasures, but I can rest in the peace of knowing that I (and my family) have all we need in Christ Jesus. The true meaning of this season. So as I sit here still looking at that imperfect tree, I have begun to like it. Its a reminder to get my head out of my butt and remember what is most important in life and during this holiday season.

God Bless you 83 readers who have visited my blog so far. May you remember Christ's unfailing love this holiday season.


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